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Our Guarantees on Your New Garage Plans in Winnipeg

After years in the industry, I have retired and begun helping people enhance their property with a new garage in Winnipeg. Before the project begins, you may have questions about what I can guarantee. Read the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below. If questions remain after reading this page, please feel free to contact me to discuss them. If you plan on a DIY garage build, I’m still happy to help you discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your garage plans in Winnipeg.

Can you supply references?
Of course!

Do you offer free estimates and design services?

Can I customize my garage?
This is what I specialize in and love to do!

Will you demolish my old garage and remove trees?
Of course.

Will I be surprised with additional costs throughout the project?
This is why it is imperative we attend and assess your site so that you do NOT. The only extras you may incur are changes or additions you request after the project commences.

Who takes out the permit?
This is probably the most important question that could be asked.

For any garage plan in Winnipeg, the contractor should always take out the permit under their corporate name. There are huge liabilities and fines for improper workmanship and locating of the garage. In addition there are huge fines under Workplace Safety and Health Act Legislation. These liabilities attach to the person or entity that took out the permit.

What if I require a variance?
I attend to the variance process for you, which includes any appeals if required. There is no charge for this, other than direct city charges. Because of the many years I have dealt with the city, it is seldom we are denied.

Can you complete my electrical?
Yes, of course!

Do you offer warranty?
The garage is warranted for a period of one year. However, we commonly attend to issues for many years after the build as a customer service. In addition to this many of the manufactured items such as doors, openers and shingles could have lifetime warranties.

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