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Professional Garage Contractors in Winnipeg


Whether you are looking for a space to park your car, protect it from the sun and wind, or looking to store an entire collection of vehicles, Budget Garages provides professional garage service to the Winnipeg area. Garages help protect your investment in your vehicle and are less expensive than renting a storage unit. If you are looking to renovate your old garage into a new, refreshed unit, we are here to offer you quality solutions.


At first, we assess the property on-site and then develop a plan, keeping all your requirements in mind. We try to understand the entire property including structure, trees, hydro lines, and other things during this on-site assessment. After the assessment, we provide you with designs and plan options for building the garage in your Winnipeg property, as per your requirements.


If you like our plan, we will see through the project from beginning to end until we meet your standards. With over 25 years of experience, we have honed our garage building skills to ensure the highest level of service. You can rely on our garage contractors for any kind of garage building solution.



Why Build a Garage?


If you think parking your vehicle is passé, or perhaps a little old-fashioned, prepare to discover the multiple benefits of building a garage. It is important to keep your car secure and ensure proper protection by having a roof above it to safeguard your valued vehicle. Having a garage as a part of your property can offer a wide range of benefits. Some of the benefits of having a garage include:


  • Garage offers protection from sun, wind and rain. This helps in preventing damages to the vehicle.
  • It also protects your vehicle from snow and ice during the winter. This means you never have to scrape ice off your vehicle when you are at home.
  • Parking in a garage can also help in avoiding damage due to a tree falling during heavy wind.
  • Garages help prevent theft and vandalism. Valuable accessories such as stereos and windshields are more secure when you park your car in a garage.
  • Since a garage keeps your vehicle warm, it helps in keeping the engine in good condition.


Things to Consider When Building a Custom Garage


Consider local zoning laws: Check with local zoning laws before constructing a new garage to see if it meets the criteria, or you will have to reconstruct your garage. 

Purpose: Think of reasons as to why you are constructing the garage. Many people use it to park vehicles, use it as a workout space or office/storage. Consider why you want the garage and customize your garage accordingly.

Size of your vehicle: Consider your vehicle's size when planning the design of your new garage.

Ventilation: A well-ventilated garage keeps you safe from harmful toxins such as carbon monoxide by not allowing them to get trapped or backdraft in the house.

Type of garage: If you want easy access to the garage, go for an attached garage. If you have ample space, go for a detached garage.



Get in Touch


Get professional garage building services in Winnipeg at reliable costs from Budget Garages. We will take care of any necessary building permits before we begin. We also provide services to build custom hobby rooms. Create your own space and indulge in your interests by having a recreation room for yourself.


 Contact us now if you have any queries. You can dial us at 204-589-1103.







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Thank You for Everything
"Still can't believe you made it fit my yard and got it through permits. Thanks for going the nine yards for us!"

- Linda and Bill

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Fantastic Garage
"My new garage is fantastic. I love it. Thank you very much to you and your crew for a great job."

- Cam

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Smooth Operation
"Thanks again for a job well done. Coral and I were very impressed with the smoothness of your operation."

- Murray

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