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Detached garage with stone accents
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About Our Team of Garage Builders in Winnipeg

As founder of Garage Masters, Greg certainly has his heart invested in the custom garage building industry he created in Winnipeg. He sold his interest in the All Masters group which included Garage Masters and plans to keep Budget Garages at a much smaller level. 


"I love the custom garage building industry and am proud to say I created it in Winnipeg. Before I came along many customers were left buying packages from lumber yards. The problem with this is it did not address the numerous on- site difficulties and code restrictions. The customer was almost always burdened with huge additional costs and a product which did not meet their needs.


I decided I would interview the customer, designing exactly what they wanted, while meeting their budget code and site restrictions. The industry was born and this is reflected by the number of contractors now in the industry.


I am very proud of my contribution to this industry. Last time it was for business, this time it is for pleasure."

Knowledgeable and Experienced Garage Builders in Winnipeg

Since starting the industry 25 years ago I’ve built over 8400 garages, a great number which I personally designed and facilitated. As a custom garage builder in Winnipeg, I have learned many valuable lessons and mistakes not to make. Experience comes with a price.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

Now that I’m retired, I limit the number I do and focus on designing your garage for YOU at a budget that works. You get the benefit of my experience and I get to enjoy doing what I love. As most of my business comes from referrals, I must ensure you are satisfied.

Good Quality and Price

I’ve learned over the years there is no substitute for quality. I do not compromise on the materials used or workmanship. I stay small and keep my expenses nominal (i.e. no advertising). This allows me to provide superior quality at a price that is less than my competitors.


Contact Us Today


If you need an experienced and passionate garage builder in Winnipeg to design your dream garage on time and on budget, then contact us today! We can also help you build your own hobby rooms. Be sure to visit our FAQ page first to learn more!

Thank You for Everything
"Still can't believe you made it fit my yard and got it through permits. Thanks for going the nine yards for us!"

- Linda and Bill

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